Monday, November 28, 2011

There's a Conspiracy All Right. A Conspiracy Of Denial

You know, sometimes the population of a country has to come back to reality and take a bitter pill.. We did here in Canada in the '90s. Our federal budget deficit reached the point of becoming a disaster. The debt to GDP ratio was causing the same fears Europe is now facing.

It was that crisis which showed me something very interesting. We had a conservative government at the time. They would cut and chop the things they didn't agree with. They spent on the things they did agree with. The reduction of the deficit was a token. The only effect this had was really pissing of the more liberal population while completely disappointing fiscal conservatives. Needless to say, that government was defeated so severely there was talk of it being the end of the party.

Well, the Liberal party won a landslide. For two terms, we had a very interesting contradiction for a government. We had a Liberal government with an absolute majority which had no need to make political compromises. You'll never guess what happened next. They did something which was a threat to every ideology considered too sacred to suffer the indignities of good sense. They became more fiscally conservative than any conservative government had been in my lifetime.

I'll tell you another thing you may not know about Canada. We make a sport out of trying to guess what bizarre story will come from you side of the border next. It's great entertainment. It's even more entertaining than all those pricey prime time T.V. show's on your networks. Yes, we watch your networks, too. What we see generally scares us back to being Canadian.

We keep pretty quiet about it. We know a good thing when we see it.

First, if you make a mistake down there, it is usually a really big mistake. We look at it from the perspective of airline accident investigators. We're not interested in pointing out who's bad behaviour did what and who should be strung up for it. While your politicians are accusing each other of being traitors, we use the lesson of why it happened in the first place so we don't make the same mistake.

No we aren't perfect. Some of our politicians seem to wish to make a point when all common sense says it's a bad Idea. It's no secret our current Conservative government thinks it's alright to waste money by locking up people who, without a big risk, would make money instead of costing it if they weren't in prison. In addition, extra prison guards aren't really doing anything that adds value to the economy either.  They are really just economic dead weight. The whole criminal justice system is a parasitic infestation. Cost in property loss has to be incredibly high to justify it. Guess what, it wasn't a pinko Canadian liberal's idea. Some of Texas' most conservative Republicans heard about it and pointed out it didn't do Texas one bit of good when they did it.

So America, get off your high horses. There are more important things to do than trying to say it is a threat to the Republic to say Pizza is not a vegetable. Have you forgotten? The same ridiculous need to find the most emotional excuses to fight about who the real Patriots are seems to have caused you to give up on the real problem. You are spending so much more money than you take in, your screwed. It just gets worse and worse and worse. Can you understand why we see it all as a comedy of errors?

In the mean time, you can continue to pay the best Canadian comedians enormous amounts. Do you ever wonder why Canadian comedians like Jim Carey, Howie Mandel Dan Aykroyd and so many others are so good at making you laugh? They make you see what we see. You might want to stop laughing at them long enough to figure out what you're laughing at.

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