Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Canadian Libertarian Manifesto

There is nothing more important than true freedom.
I am free to make bad decisions.
I am free to disregard advice I disagree with.
I am free to repeat the mistakes of others.
I am free to create arguments with little base in fact.
I am free to limit debate in case my bad decisions become obvious.
I am free to muzzle others who disagree with me.
I am free to believe what I want and make you believe it, too.
I am free to stand my ground so as not to lose face.
I am free to say you should have more choice then ignore the choice you make.
I am free to deny the government useful information about me since I must be 
free to argue without the restraint of fact.
I am free to outlaw you for unlocking your own property.
I am free to deny freedom to you instead of helping you make better choices.
I am free to tie up helicopters which should be saving your lives.
I am free to send the persecuted back to persecution for arbitrary reasons.
I am free to spend your money frivolously on summits that host others like me.
I am free to spy on you at your own expense and send what I learn to private companies.

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