Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thailand's Royal Family, The Ignoble Nobles

Ouch.  If I was tried there for things I had said regarding my Queen, not only would I get a life sentence, Thailand being a predominantly Buddhist country might just sentence a few of my reincarnations to life terms, too.  That doesn't worry me though.  I'm bound to reincarnate to a much lesser life form that can easily sneak out between the bars.

To the Thai royal family, all I have to say is, "You suck.  Good thing you were born noble, as you certainly have no other claim to it!  Come get me.  I'll be waiting.  Something tells me you'll all be coming back as dung beetles.  I'm not going to look where I step, either."

Thailand’s 20-year Sentence for Text Message ‘Repressive,’ Says Amnesty International | Amnesty International USA

Update: The UAE is no better: UAE: End ‘travesty of justice’ for five convicted over President insults

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