Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is our government hoping we're stupid?

Funny, I don't feel threatened by Islam, in Canada. All the Muslim immigrants I know came here because the countries they left aren't free or are economic disasters. They are often the smart and affluent demographic of their former countries. That sounds like a rational group to me. Sure, some don't seem to realize they have to obey Canadian law. I doubt the alleged Canal Killers are going to have much of a life here, in the near future, however.

I feel more threatened by the seeming loss of rationality our current government seems to be suffering from. This government seems to use the libertarian cry as a method to gain votes from scared and angry people. They are bent on wasting our national resources for projects such as new prisons and an increased prison population. This increases the number of Canadians who will have liberty denied.  Also, greater restrictions on refugees only reduces the number of productive people, available to Canada, who understand better then most, exactly what freedom and democracy really means.

A fiscally conservative government should be trying to use intelligence to reduce spending. There is an abundance of evidence, including comments from the right in Texas, saying, we tried it, it doesn't work. Prisoners aren't productive. The prison guards who guard them aren't either. Their talent is much better used in adding to GDP rather then costing it.

Finally, actions like meddling with the long form census and gagging research within the civil service makes it easier for a government to convince a population that its ideology is correct. Those of us responsible for voting for them can no longer make rational decisions. We will have a better likelihood of believing unsubstantiated claims like, "Crime rates are down because more crime is unreported." I am beginning to think our government is relying on us being stupid.

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