Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tragedy: Denial of Basic Rights Given Our History.

Given the apparent willingness of the Conservative Party of Canada to deny our hard fought and priceless democratic rights, such as: gagging public scientists who dissent, discrimination against charities and artists on the basis of dissenting environmental stance, and the belief that we can ignore the ancient rights of habeas corpus and due process in criminal law, is an tragedy, unfolding.

In that spirit, here is an iambic pentameter triplet in the style of one of the great tragic writers: Shakespeare.

If you deny the rights of one today,
To history look, for later, it does say,
Of you, demand the many, greater pay.

What will our descendents think upon looking back at our folly?

If you doubt our freedoms, such as free speech, equal treatment under the law, and freedom of conscience are under threat, read about , here.

Update: I wrote another piece related to this one here.

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