Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Breast cancer patient: “I want to apologize to President Obama.”

Original article: Breast cancer patient: “I want to apologize to President Obama.”

I'm glad I'm in Canada. After being hit by a car, I know all too well how health coverage may be needed unexpectedly.

I have to laugh at those who insist universal health coverage is a threat to liberty. I can only imagine how free I would feel, now, had I received poor medical treatment. I am also quite free to change physicians if one does not earn my confidence.

I get the impression American conservatives, in the debate on healthcare, anyhow, like the idea of screaming 'Evil!' as directed by politicians so they don't actually have to think about the meaning of true freedom. Perhaps they don't like thinking health issues can effect anyone, including themselves.

Sometimes, in order to have freedom, you have to acknowledge others must matter. If you don't, you risk the wrath of those who's freedom you have denied. Freedom does not mean living as if only one's own problems matter.


  1. Your last sentence say it all.

    Someone finally "gets" it........now if we could educate those here in the USA.

  2. Yeah. Those same people don't seem to have read their own constitution, either: http://manitmiddle.blogspot.com/2011/12/so-america-have-you-actually-read-your.html